The Chinese PLA Navy

Auxiliary Ships

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Transport Boat
Nanjiao 88 南交88

882kW Port Tugboat
Nantuo 169 南拖169

Shipyard Tugboat
Nantuo 146 南拖146

921 Ambulance Craft
Nanyi 11 南醫11

KeKa Class Patrol Boat
Police 62, Police 65

Transport Boat (Nanjiao 88 南交88)
Length: 60.2m, Beam: 8.9m, Speed: 33Knots

882kW Port Tugboat (Nantuo 169, Nantuo 170, 南拖169, 南拖170)
Length: 32.4m, Beam: 10.0m, Speed: 12Knots, Range: 1,500nm, Horsepower: 882kW

More details are available from the Open Day on Sat, 8 Jul 2017.

Shipyard Tugboat (Nantuo 146 南拖146)
Length: 27.0m, Beam: 6.8m, Displacement: 166tons, Speed: 13Knots

921 Ambulance Craft (Nanyi 11 南醫11)
Length: 63.5m, Beam: 9.0m, Displacement: 400tons, Speed: 25Knots

HKMP KeKa Class Patrol Boat (Police 62, Police 65)
Length: 30.0m, Beam: 6.3m, Displacement: 110tons, Speed: 27Knots, Range: 1,500nm

More details are available from the HKMP Exhibition on Sat, 25 Apr 2015.

More details are available from the warm welcome on Tue, 30 Apr 2019.

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