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Kilo Class Diesel-Electric Submarine 372 Yuanzheng 72

򬥯 q縥 372 72

in 1:700

Class: Kilo (Project 636)
Number of hulls built: 12 by Russian shipyards

Displacement: 3,950 tons (underwater)
Length: 74.0m
Beam: 9.9m
Speed: 12knots surface, 25knots underwater
Range: 7,500knots at 7knots

Club S Anti-ship Missiles
6 x Torpedo Launchers

Incident: In a patrol mission in 2014, Submarine 372 has been plunged into an underwater trench 3,000 metres deep. The vessel had encountered a sudden change in water conditions, leading it to sink uncontrollably fast. The crew quickly seized the little time they had, opening all the emergency air flasks within 10 seconds to fill the tanks. They managed to close more than 100 valves and related equipment in less than a minute. In two minutes, all the cabins were sealed. Officer were awarded second-highest honour for saving crew from certain death.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020