The Chinese PLA Navy

056 Frigate 595 Chaozhou

in 1:700

Type: 056 Frigate (Later Version)
Number of hulls built: Many
Launched: 14 November 2013
In-service: 28 November 2014
Status: Active

Standard Displacement: 1,300 tons
Maximum Displacement: 1,440 tons
Length: 89.00m
Beam: 11.60m
Draft: 4.40m
Speed: 28knots
Range: 2,000nm at 18knots

76mm Main Battery
2 x 12.7mm Machine Guns
2 x PJ-15 30mm RWSs
4 x YJ-83 Anti-Ship Missiles
8 x HQ-10 Ship-to-Air Missiles
2 x Triple 324mm Torpedo Tubes
Z-9 Helicopter

Production process ...

Chaozhou completed on Friday, 23 February 2018.

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Model Kit:
Dream Model DM70011.
Thursday, 19 March 2020