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054A Frigate 569 Yulin

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Type: 054A Frigate
Number of hulls built: 20+
Launched: 28 Apr 2009
In-service: 1 Feb 2010
Status: Active

Standard Displacement: 3,600 tons
Maximum Displacement: 4,100 tons
Length: 135.00m
Beam: 16.00m
Draft: 5.00m
Speed: 27knots
Range: 4,000nm at 18knots

2 x Sextuple Depth Charges
76mm Main Battery
32 x HQ-16 Anti-Aircraft Missile
2 x Type 730 Close-In Weapons Systems
8 x YJ-83 Anti-Ship Missiles
4 x 18-barrel Type 726-4 Decoy/Chaff Launchers
2 x Triple 324mm Torpedo Tubes
Z-9 / Ka-28 Helicopter

Achievement: On Sunday, 17 February 2013, an injured person in Sanshashi requested emergency relief. Yulin (569) set sail in an hour time at Zhanjiang for the said location. It took less than 45 hours to complete the voyage which is more than 1,100 nautical miles in total. The average speed was over 24 knots.
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