ex-Russian Minsk Aircraft Carrier

in 1:700

Class: Kiev
Built: 29 Dec 1972 ~ 30 Sep 1975
Service: 27 Sep 1978 ~ 30 Jun 1993
Status: Theme park exhibit

Standard Displacement: 36,000 tons
Maximum Displacement: 45,500 tons
Length: 273.10m
Beam: 31.00m
Draft: 8.20m
Speed: 32knots
Range: 13,500nm at 18knots

4 x Twin SS-N-12 Ship-to-Ship Missile Launchers
2 x Twin SA-N-3 Ship-to-Air Missile Launchers
2 x Twin SA-N-4 Ship-to-Air Missile Launchers
2 x Twin 76.2mm Guns
8 x AK-630 30mm Close-in Weapon Systems
2 x 5-Torpedo Tubes
1 x Twin SUW-N-1 ASW Rocket Launchers
2 x RBU-6000 Anti-submarine Deep Charge

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Trumpeter 05703.
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